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Studio Sewing Skills

Want to learn how to sew?
Interested in how to sew clothes for real life?

Connie's SEWING DVD instructs students with efficient techniques to learn how to sew in this fast-paced world. This DVD allows students to learn at their own pace. These sewing skills are designed to build knowledge progressively. The student learns the basics of sewing as well as how to assemble a garment in a logical and time efficient sequence. Students will complete a project that encourages them to sew more and more. This DVD will be useful for sewing labs, fabric stores, 4H groups, Girl Scout groups, home educators as well as traditional school curriculum. As students learn how to sew, they will also learn the construction process. With time and practice they will refine the skills presented throughout the DVD and obtain a greater ability to construct any garment.

Special Bonus:
Every purchase of Connie's Studio Sewing Skills DVD will include the Mini Project 4-Pack for free!
These are perfect beginning projects to accompany the sewing DVD. 

To make things easier for the beginning student, Coni is also offering her Studio Sewing Skills Student Packet. It has all of the samples necessary to practice the sewing DVD exercises.

Free Download: Everyone is welcome to download Connie's Industry Guide To Sewing Order.
Fashion industry pros do not use direction sheets. Instead, they follow a very logical sewing order. This is a highly condensed version of chapter five from A Guide To Fashion Sewing. This is essential for beginners, but also very useful as a checklist for experienced sewers. You can click here to download.

Approximate Running Time:
Studio Sewing Skills: 1hr 56 min

Connie is the 2009 selection for the Sewing Hall of Fame!
Click here for a picture from the ASG Conference.